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Here are some debate topics we came up with for your teams to practice for each section. WSC debates are meant to be thought-provoking, factual and persuasive. We recommend integrating the knowledge from various sections of the syllabus to support your arguments. Present confidently and elaborate with evidence, examples, and implications. Team collaboration and a positive attitude are key to success. Good luck! 

Here We Go Again: History Redux

1) Museum should invest in dioramas.

2) Schools should organize visits to historical living museums. 

3) Food should be classified by their country of origin.

4) The past is more real than the present. 

5) Robots should replace museum guides. 

Re-creation as Recreation

1) Historical reenactment should go virtual.

2) AI should be used to teach class.

3) Video games should become part of the curriculum.

4) There should be an reenactment for the pandemic.

Once More, With New Feelings: Historical Distortion

1) Historical movies should practice color-blind casting.

2) CGI should not be used to take place of actors for historical roles.

3) Minorities should have their own film and music award shows.

4) Movies with racial stereotypes should be remade. 

ChatGenePT: Reconstruction as Resurrection

1) Genetic modification on humans should be allowed.

2) Countries should invest in de-extinction.

3) ChatGPT should be banned from the classroom.

4) AI should be used for counseling.

5) Children of political leaders are better political candidates. 

Archeology: The Taletale Art

1) Historical sites should allow tourist for visits.

2) Ancient relics should be returned to their home country.

3) Dinosaur in text books should be black and white.

4) Governments should not invest in restoring religious relics.

Breaking World Records

1) Are the Mongols the villains or the victors?

2) The Library of Alexandria should be restored.

3) We should stop making time capsules.

4) There should be an universal language for academic publishing. 

All the Czar's Horses: The Politics of Putting the Past Together Again

1) Nostalgia is healthy for a culture.

2) Children of religious minorities must attend authorized schools.

3) There should be a mandatory off-screen time for all citizens.

4) Statues of tyrants should be removed. 

The Past Has a Version Control Problem

1) Is Judith the villain or the hero?

2) Replicas of masterpieces make them more valuable.

3) Art should be separated from charity.

4) Great art should not imitate life.

Out of CSight, Out of Mind

1) AI should be used to solve crime.

2) There should be an animated version of the news.

3) Doctor and religious confidentiality should be banned in court.

4) Police and detectives responsible for wrongful convictions should be penalized.

Make Them Sing Again: Opera's Second Act

1) Autotuning should not be allowed for live performances.

2) Society should preserve ancient music.

3) Local musicians should go international.

4) Opera should be broadcasted virtually.

On a Nostaglic Note

1) If we had the technology, time-traveling should be allowed.

2) Racist music be banned on the public radio.

3) Re-creations are more creative.

4) Signature songs make events more memorable.

One Track Foward, Two Tracks Back: Old Music, New Musickin

1) Bathing should be considered a public activity.

2) Classical music studies should be required for school.

3) Flash mobs are a good idea.

4) Orchestras and bands can allow AI to replace absentee musicians.

5) Conductors are to follow the original sheet music.

Revisiting the Prologue: Reconstruction in Poetry and Prose

1) Historical fantasies should be taught in school.

2) Authors can use AI to help them write and publish.

3) William Shakespeare: pass or study?

4) AI should help write unfinished books by dead authors.

5) Historical zones should be preserved.

Journalism: An Expose

1) Presidents should not have the power to pardon criminals.

2) We should be able to have surveillance on government officials during work hours.

3) MeToo Movement is a good thing for society.

4) Social media has made us more informed.

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