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2024 Debate 

Here are some debate topics we came up with for your teams to practice for each section. WSC debates are meant to be thought-provoking, factual, and persuasive. We recommend integrating the knowledge from various sections of the syllabus to support your arguments. Present confidently and elaborate with evidence, examples, and implications. Team collaboration and a positive attitude are key to success. Good luck! 

Lost and Font

1) Schools should Calibri as their standard font.

2) QR codes should be banned from restaurants.

3) Just walk-out-stores should not be implemented.

4) Future fonts should be designed by AI.

The Stuff that Dreams are Remade of

1) Judith is a criminal, not a victim.

2) Historical landmarks near destruction should be rebuilt.

3) Art that mimics the original is less valuable.

4) Surreal art is more beneficial to society than figurative art.

Form Follows Fiction

1) Street art is less valuable than canvas art.

2) Art should be used to advertise companies.
3) All tech companies should use the same chargers.

4) Banksy should remain anonymous. 

Hindsight Needs Corrective Lenses

1) AI edited photos should have a special label to inform viewers.

2) Musicals and films that feature minority should have color conscious casting.

3) Museums should display AI art alongside traditional art by artists.

4) AI generated films are not eligible for film awards. 

Touring Ends of Eras

1) There should be standardized calendar for the entire world.

2) Society should not celebrate major calendar milestones like Y2K. 

3) Supermodels culture should be banned.

4) New Year Shows on TV are a waste of money. 

Noah's Archeology

1) Paleoart should be drawn in black and white.

2) Artifacts should be returned to their home country.

3) Amateur archeologists should not be allowed to excavate.

4) AI should be not allowed to mimic people's voice, ie dub them in videos.

Reimagine, if You Will

1) Sponsored art should be labeled sponsored. 

2) Re-creations make the original art more valuable.

3) There should be special awards for female artists.

4) Gift giving on Christmas and Valentine's Day should be eliminated.

5) AI should not be allowed to take the place of real actors, dead or alive.  

Old History in New Bottles

1) Artworks with extreme topics should be marked "with viewer discretion."

2) Real crime shows should be banned.

3) Extravagant parties for teenagers are unhealthy. 

4) Holodeck technology is beneficial for the development of society. 

Call of Duty-Free

1) Japan should no promote ninjas. 

2) Countries should focus on tourism that highlights its problems. 

3) Chinatown should be rebuild to reflect real Chinese culture. 

4)  K-pop idol culture is bad for society

Here We Went Again

1) Producer/authors  gets final say on ambiguities in their works. 

2) Society does not need anymore superhero franchise movies. 

3) Taylor Swift is a good role model for teenagers.

Nostradamus 0, Nostalgia 1

1) Supersonic airplanes should be brought back to society.

2) Nuclear power plants should be eliminated.

3) Doomerism does more harm than good.

4) Countries should implement population controls. 

Reheated Off the Press

1) Watching a political interview is more impactful than listening to a political interview.

2) Cartoon journalism should be taught in school.

3) Social media is beneficial for news.

4) Political comedies help society improve.

Ready Scholar One

1) Video games should be used to teach history.

2) Realistic games are more fun than fantasy games.

3) Video games that simulate shooting should be banned for gamers under 18.

4) If we have a time machine, we should try to the past and not the future.

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The Woulds of Wall Street

1) Private companies should not be able to develop AI.

2) De-extinction should only be done by the government.  

3) AI should be developed by private companies and not the government. 

4) A new bookstore owner should open an online bookstore, instead of a traditional brick and mortar one.

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Remapping the Present

1) Cities should offer free public transportation.

2) Countries should set a maximum speed limit and enforce it with a speed limiters.

3) Open class-room layout is better than the traditional classroom layout.

4) Compromises are better than one sided outcomes. 

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Crime and Punishment 3.0

1) Small developed countries should abandon their national currency and adopt cryptocurrency.

2) Society should ban publishing of wealth net worth list, such as the Forbes list of richest people. 

3) Chat GPT should be allowed for school assignments.

4) Fansubbing should be discouraged.

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The End of the World As We Don't Know It

1) There should be a strict dress code for performers.

2) AI-generated poetry should not be considered real poetry.

3) Dehumanizing portrayals of foreigners should be banned for perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

4) AI holographs and influencers should be banned.

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